Purchase #3 – Super Nintendo and Games – $100

While being stuck with product that isn’t selling is not a great way to make money, being stuck with cash is almost just as bad. With that said within 24 hours of making my last sale I worked my way into a deal for some more product.

For a cool $100 I was able to pick up a Super Nintendo console along with 4 games: Super Mario World, Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario Go Kart and Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball. I am hoping within a week or two to be able to come pretty close to doubling my money on this deal!

Starting out I have the Super Nintendo console with just Super Mario World listed for $100. I plan to keep the other games not listed until the console sells to prevent people from trying to bundle up and lower my potential profit.

Sale #3 – 387 Lbs in Weights + $150

While this sale took a lot longer than I had hopped I am very happy to report that it has finally been dragged across the line. I won’t outright say I will avoid weights in the future, I did make a 50% profit in month, but I would have preferred a much faster turn around time.

I tried several different approaches with listing the weights. I tried listing them altogether as one lot with an asking price of $200. I tried breaking them up into smaller lots with slightly higher rates, and I even tried once with a post selling the plates individually at $0.60/pound.

In the end it was a post with no pricing that said I was accepting offers of cash or trades that got the job the done. Within 24 hours of posting I had an offer to trade the entire lot for a brand new pair of $300 work boots, I did decline these, and a few hours later I connected with the eventual buyer who offered $150 cash.

I am now on the hunt for some new items to get this cash into so the flipping can continue on. Stay tuned!

Purchase #2 – Garbage Bag Full of Hats – $0.00

Every once and and awhile you’re in the right spot at the right time and walk your way into some free items you can in turn sell. Today was one of those days. I managed to score an entire garbage bag full of hats for free.

Don’t get too excited here, I have gone through the hats and the vast majority of them are garbage- weird old local business type hats that not a soul would wear. But I did find probably a dozen that I think I should be about to get a few dollars out of, time will tell I guess!

Purchase #1 – 387lbs in Weights – $100.00

Easy come, easy go as they say- two days ago I started the Flipping Million challenge with $0.00 and a few things around the house I wanted to get rid of and then a challenge was born. I wanted to turn my unwanted items into $1,000,000 in real money by repeatedly flipping items.

So far I sold a deep fryer we did not want anymore for $50.00 and also a mini fridge that I did not want anymore also for $50.00. Giving me a total of $100.00 to start my hunt for items to flip.

Eager to get things rolling I did a good scour of some local used good websites and came across a fresh ad for some weights. The asking price was $200 however and I only had $100 to work with… hmmm.

I took a few back and forth emails but I managed to sell the seller on giving some thought to whether he wanted $100 in pocket today along with some freed up space, $150 in his pocket in a week or two when he accepted the best offer, or $200 (his full asking price) possibly months down the road.

After a couple hours he accepted my offer of $100 today, so now I have my work cut out for me cleaning all these weights up and getting them resisted in smaller lots! Here’s hoping for a nice quick turn over of the whole lot so I can get back on the hunt for more items to flip!

Sale #2 – Mini Fridge + $50.00

Two days in a row I am getting to record sales- I hope to keep this streak going!

Today I sold a mini fridge that sat in my basement that was rarely used. Aside from the $50 cash I got from selling it, I am sure I will save a few dollars per year on the power bill as well! It all adds up!

This sale now gives me a total of $100.00 in my Flipping Fund which I now use to invest in anything I think I can make a profit on!

Current Totals as of this post

  • Sales: $100.00
  • Cash on Hand: $100.00
  • Inventory on Hand: $0.00

Sale #1 – Deep Fryer + $50.00

I am happy to report that I just completed my first sale- a deep fryer that I love, but isn’t so great for my health (aside from AFlippingMillion.com I am also currently working on YearofGettingHealthy.com). I was sad to see it go, but happy to feel like this flipping million project is now officially underway!

This deep fryer is not something I flipped keep in mind, this is something I sold from my personal belongings and the proceeds from this sale will be placed into my Flipping Million bankroll.

Current Totals as of this post

  • Sales: $50.00
  • Cash on Hand: $50.00
  • Inventory on Hand: $0.00