Sale #3 – 387 Lbs in Weights + $150

While this sale took a lot longer than I had hopped I am very happy to report that it has finally been dragged across the line. I won’t outright say I will avoid weights in the future, I did make a 50% profit in month, but I would have preferred a much faster turn around time.

I tried several different approaches with listing the weights. I tried listing them altogether as one lot with an asking price of $200. I tried breaking them up into smaller lots with slightly higher rates, and I even tried once with a post selling the plates individually at $0.60/pound.

In the end it was a post with no pricing that said I was accepting offers of cash or trades that got the job the done. Within 24 hours of posting I had an offer to trade the entire lot for a brand new pair of $300 work boots, I did decline these, and a few hours later I connected with the eventual buyer who offered $150 cash.

I am now on the hunt for some new items to get this cash into so the flipping can continue on. Stay tuned!

Sale #2 – Mini Fridge + $50.00

Two days in a row I am getting to record sales- I hope to keep this streak going!

Today I sold a mini fridge that sat in my basement that was rarely used. Aside from the $50 cash I got from selling it, I am sure I will save a few dollars per year on the power bill as well! It all adds up!

This sale now gives me a total of $100.00 in my Flipping Fund which I now use to invest in anything I think I can make a profit on!

Current Totals as of this post

  • Sales: $100.00
  • Cash on Hand: $100.00
  • Inventory on Hand: $0.00

Sale #1 – Deep Fryer + $50.00

I am happy to report that I just completed my first sale- a deep fryer that I love, but isn’t so great for my health (aside from I am also currently working on I was sad to see it go, but happy to feel like this flipping million project is now officially underway!

This deep fryer is not something I flipped keep in mind, this is something I sold from my personal belongings and the proceeds from this sale will be placed into my Flipping Million bankroll.

Current Totals as of this post

  • Sales: $50.00
  • Cash on Hand: $50.00
  • Inventory on Hand: $0.00