Purchase #1 – 387lbs in Weights – $100.00

Easy come, easy go as they say- two days ago I started the Flipping Million challenge with $0.00 and a few things around the house I wanted to get rid of and then a challenge was born. I wanted to turn my unwanted items into $1,000,000 in real money by repeatedly flipping items.

So far I sold a deep fryer we did not want anymore for $50.00 and also a mini fridge that I did not want anymore also for $50.00. Giving me a total of $100.00 to start my hunt for items to flip.

Eager to get things rolling I did a good scour of some local used good websites and came across a fresh ad for some weights. The asking price was $200 however and I only had $100 to work with… hmmm.

I took a few back and forth emails but I managed to sell the seller on giving some thought to whether he wanted $100 in pocket today along with some freed up space, $150 in his pocket in a week or two when he accepted the best offer, or $200 (his full asking price) possibly months down the road.

After a couple hours he accepted my offer of $100 today, so now I have my work cut out for me cleaning all these weights up and getting them resisted in smaller lots! Here’s hoping for a nice quick turn over of the whole lot so I can get back on the hunt for more items to flip!

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