Sale #4 – Super Mario All-Stars

This has been way too long in the making! But, I have a valid excise- kind of, more of a lesson learned. After buying the Super Nintendo and games I kind of feel into nostalgia mode and had some fun turning my 8 year old son onto the video games of my childhood. Thankfully we’ve had the fun we wanted and put everything back up for sale earlier this week.

The first item to see was the Super Mario All Stars cartridge for $35!! Not bad considering I got the console and 4 games for $100.

This leaves me with $85 in cash along with a Super Nintendo console and 3 Super Nintendo games for inventory. Now that the busy holiday season is out of my way I plan to really pick things up here on the site, I hope you’ll follow along. Who knows, maybe we will hit the $1,000,000 by the end of the year?

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